Who We Are

StartOmax is a non profit organisation established in 2017. This organisation started from an engineering college is now spreading their hands across India. It assists start-up ideas and foster young entrepreneurs by providing mentoring, workshops and provide single platform for entrepreneurs and investors.This organisation is a network of innovators ,entrepreneurs, students and investors. Here we all come together for innovations and creations to solve social issues in India. We believe that start-ups can be done by anyone but successful entrepreneurs become those who have zeal ,proper guidance and support.

We organise workshops ,seminars ,motivational talks and events. We don't want any startup or idea fail due to lack of investment and support. So don't worry you have idea and we have team and network just STEP UP WITH US.


Startomax is going to organize a Seminar in Dr. K.N Modi Institute Of Engineering & Technology

Venue: Modinagar, Ghaziabad

Step Up with Us!

StartOmax is active from last one year and we together perform different projects and startup works in different colleges.Now our network expands and ready to help in your startup ideas and projects.Our workshops are practical and startup oriented. So get ready to step up with us!




Services We Provide




Startup Ecosystem



Zero to Maximum

We will be with you from nothing to everything you will have. Your idea-our support ,your plan-our execution guidance, your expenses-our investments, your dream-our aim ,your profit-our happiness. We believe on you and ready to help you from zero to max.

Director's Desk

StartOmax is a change that brings change in education system and way of learning. It take cares startup and help innovative and creative minds to explore themselves. We let them to be a successful entrepreneurs. We pledged to make india a start-up hub

Mr. Manish Kumar

CEO , StartOmax

STARTOMAX is a hope for youth that will provide them a huge platform for there overall development as we starts from school level workshops to college level projects and we also help them to overcome to obstacle to start a new bussiness. I don't think so any company is doing this kind of ground work this is not only a company according to me this is a collective effort of our to help our country's generation and our brothers to make a real shining India, where they are aware of every thing from there school level.

Mr. Sanjeet Kumar

CFO, StartOmax

StartOmax means start with O - Optimism and utilize your strength to maximum level. Simply means StartOmax, the platform to accelerate your thinking and to live your Ideas in the way you want.

Mr. Amit Prasad

COO, StartOmax

StartOmax is a platform where young generation can explore them self in wide range under the guidance or supervision of experts . StartOmax is also helpful for the startups which provide platform to the startups under which they can grow their business . StartOmax is not only company it's a revolution in the education system in which students can get a chance of practical knowledge through workshop under the guidance of experts, Well Trained & Experience faculties.

Md Shabab Ahmed

Workshop Manager, StartOmax