Have you think that why so many startups die before they breath?

Have you think ever that why you hesitate to start your business? Yes! You are right, you are not sure about your idea whether it will run or fail. And that’s the only reason most of ideas die before it transform to take shape. You find someone who mentor you and guide you in your business.

We are here

Easy! We are here. StartOmax with Startup gurus is here to help you in your startups, they will guide you; help you to modify your ideas. They are entrepreneurs from nothing to everything today and they had pledge with startomax to help and guide you in your startup journey.


We organize seminars by startup gurus so that you can get connected with them and learn from their impossible journey. In seminars they will discuss their principals and ethics that they have followed to achieve success. You will learn how to start your business from zero level because they have started itself from that level.

Zero to everything

Startomax team will keep guiding from starting ie; from nothing to everything. You can get benefits of long term mentoring from us. Our team will assist you continuously and help you to modify your idea to failure proof.

We will provide you

Legal Assistant

For any company legal assistant is considering as most important part. Our legal advisor will guide you how to protect yourself from legal issues so that you can grow your business without any fear.

Company Incorporation

We will guide you in your company incorporation as it is one of crucial and important step of any startups. Our incorporation team will help you to incorporate your business easily and cheaply.

Idea validation & pre valuation

Our team will validate your idea from every aspect that your business needed to sustain in this competitive corporate world. Our team will do valuation that will help you during pitching with your investors.