A healthy environment leads you healthy progress. StartOmax network leads you to explore at maximum and helps you in your startup journey. These are networks of like minded those are playing important role in startup ecosystem in India.

StartOmax have long lasting connections with their investors and entrepreneurs. Our investors are always ready to provide or upthrust unique ideas . They believe no startup should be fail due to lack of money. These connections include business men,entrepreneurs,industrialists etc. Your unique idea, our efforts and our conversation s help you to transform your idea into startup.

Our strong bond with our investors inspire them to believe on the startups that we support. StartOmax itself has huge network the help you at every step.

Investors network

Every startup needs seed funding that uplift them to help them in take off. Sometimes great ideas die due to insufficient funding. 90% people doesn't start their startup due to funding. Our investors provide seed fundings to unique ideas that makes startup know entity.

Startup Gurus

Our entrepreneurs network help you from nothing to everything that is from zero to maximum. They are startup gurus ,they inspire young entrepreneurs by sharing their journey and guide you at every stage.